Highlands Region, Papua New Guinea

 March 15 – March 31, 2019

Application Due Dates:

This event has been successfully completed, but we are still taking applications for our event in Mexico. Thanks!

Difficulty Rating:

5 out of 10


Year round pleasant temperatures during the day with cooler temperatures in the evenings.


Simple housing with shared bedrooms, flushing toilets, and hot showers. Internet is expensive and limited.

Purpose of Program:

To provide meaningful child care for the children of missionaries during their annual Branch Conference

Number of Kids in Program:

120 kids, ages 3-12 years old

Country Description:

Ukarumpa is the missionary center in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. It is surrounded by mountainous jungles making travel across the country difficult. Papua New Guinea has the highest language diversity in the world.

Debriefing Activity:

Shopping at a local craft market

Estimated Costs:

  • Flights from the US approximately $2,100
  • In-country SIL flight approximately $500
  • Refuge 139 Cost $1500 (includes room/board, in-country expenses, visa, evacuation insurance)


  • All Childhood Immunizations
  • Td/Tdap Booster
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis B
  • Flu Shot
  • Malaria – This is NOT an immunization, but is an oral medication taken while in a malaria area to help prevent malaria.
  • Polio – Booster with evidence of childhood series; otherwise adult series schedule.

Number of Volunteers Needed:


Additional Info.:

Special medical requirements including an EKG for those over 50. Dirt roads and uneven surfaces make it difficult for those with mobility challenges