Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

 January 3-11, 2020

Application Due Dates:

This event has been completed. Please check back to see if additional events have been added to our events schedule (click HERE).

Difficulty Rating:

3 out of 10


The average high/low (°F) for Tbilisi in January is 44° / 30°.


Hotel or Conference Center

Purpose of Program:

To provide meaningful child care for the children of missionaries who are working in sensitive contexts in Eurasia, so they may attend important meetings in order to further their work of Bible Translation and Language Development. This time is necessary for networking, building skills, fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual encouragement.

Number of Kids in Program:

15 children

Country Description:

Described as the balcony of Europe, Georgia borders Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. Georgia is a beautiful country situated in the Caucasus.

Debriefing Activity:

More info to come

Trip Costs:

  • Flights (from the US approximately $1500 USD)
  • Refuge 139 Cost $1500 USD – (includes room/board, in-country expenses, visa, evacuation insurance)


  • All Childhood Immunizations
  • DPT up-to-date
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B

Number of Volunteers Needed:

Five (5)

Additional Information: